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Engle Creek Springs Fishery Area

DNR Fisheries Areas

The Engle Creek Springs Fishery Area is located in central Barron County, primarily an agricultural area. The area surrounding Engle Creek was originally recognized as a valuable resource worthy of acquisition mainly because of six spring ponds associated with the stream, and Engle Creek itself is recognized as a high quality trout stream. The surrounding lands are considered to be an excellent strip of permanent wildlife habitat located in an intensively farmed region.

The Fishery Area receives considerable use by hunters and trappers for an area of its size. Hunting pressure is directed mainly towards white-tailed deer and ruffed grouse. The Fishery Area has considerable aesthetic value and is a strip of wildland in a mostly agricultural area. As a result, there are other recreational and educational activities such as nature hiking and berry picking.

The species composition of waters in the Fishery Area is characteristic of a coldwater fishery, and both the spring ponds and stream are managed for brook trout. A few brown trout, the mottled sculpin, and brook sticklebacks represent the remaining coldwater species. Natural reproduction is adequate enough to that native brook trout are abundant in the stream. In contrast, no known natural reproduction of trout exists in the spring ponds, and until a fish barrier was constructed recently, periodic movements of northern pike into the ponds from the Yellow River destroyed many trout.

Eight other fish inhabit the fishery area including such panfishes as the black crappie, brown and black bullhead. Minnow species found include the white sucker, creek chub, mud minnow, and Johnny darter. The brook lamprey is also present.

A variety of birds and mammals inhabit the Fishery Area both seasonally and permanently. Approximately 90 bird species and 24 mammal species are believed to inhabit the area. Primary bird species that have management potential are upland game birds such as the ring-necked pheasant and ruffed grouse, and migratory species such as woodcock, wood ducks, mallards, and blue-winged teal. Game species, including white-tailed deer, squirrels, and cottontails are common. Furbearers such as muskrat, beaver, and mink are common and provide trapping opportunities.


Engle Creek Springs Fishery Area is west of Rice Lake and south of State Hwy 48 and County Hwy P along 14½th Street in Barron County.


Angling opportunities

trout and panfish instream and shore fishing.

Recreational Opportunities

  • Hunting - deer, fowl, & small game
  • Trapping
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing - trout and panfish
  • Bird watching
  • Berry picking


Engle Creek Springs Fishery Area is managed to maintain a high quality trout fishery and to supply wildlife habitat for hunting and other outdoor recreational and educational activities.


For questions and comments contact:

Property Manager
Department of Natural Resources
127 South 4th Street
Barron WI 54812