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McCann Creek Fishery Area

DNR Fisheries Areas

The McCann Creek Fishery area includes 320 acres of land in fee title, which covers approximately 3.6 miles of stream. Fisheries easements provide public access along an additional 3.4 miles of stream.

McCann Creek originates in a large wetland complex and flows through agricultural lands. Water quality of the stream is considered good, but agricultural activities do contribute a moderate level of nutrients. The stream is a low-gradient stream bordered by a narrow wetland strip comprised primarily of tag alder and reed canary grass.


McCann Creek Fishery Area is located in northwest Chippewa County, 3 miles east of Bloomer.


Angling opportunities

McCann Creek is a class 1 brook trout stream and one of the better brook trout streams in Chippewa County. Fishing is limited to bridge crossings, shoreline angling, or wading. Fly fishing is difficult during summer months because of the thick reed canary grass growth that develops along stream banks.

Recreational Opportunities

  • Hunting - deer, grouse, woodcock, turkey, and small game
  • Trapping
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing - brook trout
  • Bird watching
  • Berry picking


McCann Creek is managed for a naturally reproducing brook trout population. Instream habitat work is conducted to improve habitat conditions for all life stages of trout. Land is acquired from willing sellers to protect and improve trout habitat as well as to provide access for anglers.


For questions and comments contact:

Fisheries Biologist
Department of Natural Resources
1300 W Clairemont Avenue
Eau Claire WI 54701

Management Partner:

Wisconsin Clear Waters Chapter of Trout Unlimited [exit DNR]