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Lake Management Tools

The Wisconsin Lake Modeling Suite (WiLMS) model is a lake water quality-planning tool. The WiLMS model structure is organized into four principal parts: front-end, phosphorus prediction, internal loading and trophic response.


WiLMS 3.3.18 (7-25-05 update)

The Wisconsin Lake Modeling Suite is a screening level land use management/lake water quality evaluation tool.

Install WiLMS 3.3.18

  1. Download the WiLMS distribution zip file and save it in a temporary directory.
  2. Unzip the distribution file and run the Setup application from Windows.
  3. Select the Repair option from within the install program to update WiLMS and select Finish when complete.

WiLMS in the Water Explorer (WEx)

An online version of WiLMS is also available in the Wisconsin Water Explorer (WEx). This version has most of the functionality of the original version and some new additional features as well. The benefit of the WEx version is that many of the model inputs are automatically retrieved from online sources:

  • lake morphometry like surface area and average depth
  • landcover composition for estimating external phosphorus loading
  • runoff estimates from average streamflow
  • identification of wastewater dischargers and estimates of their annual phosphorus loading

The automation of these data retrievals reduces the demand on users to find and process weather, lake, watershed, and wastewater data.

To access WiLMS in WEx, launch WEx from the Wisconsin Water Explorer topic page, select a waterbody, then find the WiLMS tab nested under the "Lake Tools" tab.

Models distributed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

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