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Invasive species education

Aquatic education resources

Guides and free publications
Multimedia resources - Videos and DVDs

Terrestrial education resources

Plant identification
  • A-Field-Guide-to-Invasives-Plants-in-Wisconsin---FR-436. This field guide has been developed to provide ID and control information for terrestrial invasive plants. Printed copies will be available in late spring 2010, but feel free to download and print off now; just click on the image.
  • Common Terrestrial Invasive Plants in Wisconsin. This is a quick picture reference for the 32 most common terrestrial invasive species in Wisconsin. Print it off and hand it out at your next work party or informational meeting.

K-12 activities and lesson plans

Land and Water:
  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters Story Hour. Use this hands-on lesson to teach our next generation of anglers and lake users about aquatic invasive species and what they can do to prevent the spread of these pesky invaders to Wisconsin waters. Materials include: a video tutorial, lesson plan and copies of all the resources needed to lead a story hour and a list of statewide aquatic invasive professionals willing to help.
  • EEK! Environmental Education for Kids web site- Alien Invaders. WI Department of Natural Resources EEK! Student page on invasive species. This site includes species profiles for the Gypsy Moth, Emerald Ash Borer, Zebra Mussel, Purple Loosestrife and more!
  • Identifying Alien Invaders. WI Department of Natural Resources EEK! Teacher page on Invasive Species.
  • Go Wild with WI Wildcards. The Go Wild with Wisconsin Wildcards! Educators' Kit is filled with ideas and activities to keep kids in grades 3-8 busy for hours. Includes activities such as “Track Down Alien Invaders.”
  • See Cella Chow! Lesson plans for grades 6-12 built around the science of biocontrol, specifically purple loosestrife. The lessons include a listing of the related Wisconsin Model Environmental Education and Science Standards.
  • Attack Packs. The aquatic nuisance species Attack Pack is a self-contained teaching aid providing information for high school students to teach elementary school students about aquatic nuisance species, their life cycles, effects and how they spread.