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High Groundwater and Flooding

Over the past several years, Wisconsin has received a record-breaking amount of precipitation. Climate change has affected rainfall events by increasing the likelihood that they will occur with much more intensity and frequency. The accumulation of above-average precipitation has resulted in many areas of Wisconsin experiencing high water and flooding issues. Information is available from the DNR to help residents cope with flooding.

Effects of High Groundwater Levels

Groundwater Levels and Aquifer Response

Why do groundwater levels change, and how are they monitored?

Waterways Program

How do I install a permanent outlet on my lake or modify the water levels around my waterfront property?

Dam Safety

Find consultants and contractors that provide dam inspection, maintenance/repair and hydrology/hydraulic analyses.

Floodplain Program and Resources

Floodplain terminology and information about disasters, standards and the DNR’s Floodplain Management Section.

Coping with Flooding

Information for keeping your family safe and minimizing property damage in a flooding emergency.

Wastewater Program

Looking to pump high groundwater? Learn about pumping and discharge requirements.

Drinking Water

What do I do if my private well is flooded?
Drinking Water

Environmental Analysis

The DNR works with state and local officials to minimize roadway and habitat impacts from flooding and storm water.
Environmental Analysis

Climate Change

How does climate change affect groundwater and flooding?
Climate Change