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Fishing for dinner initiative

Opportunities For Fishing Wisconsin's Waters

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In Wisconsin's waters, there are plenty of opportunities to catch fish of many different varieties. Learn how to land one on your dining table for a tasty, healthy meal, harvested from waters in your very backyard.

Angler R3

The Fishing for Dinner Initiative is an angler recruitment, retention and reactivation program - R3. The initiative's primary goal is to lure new anglers to the water's edge and encourage them to join us as stewards of Wisconsin's bountiful fisheries. While the focus is on young adults who have an interest in local, sustainably raised food, we invite anyone to join us. We hope they will consider the fish they catch as part of a healthy diet.

Attend A class

Community education-style classes are scheduled in areas where people have expressed an interest and where we have partners and instructors in place to host and help lead the sessions. The multi-session classes provide opportunities for adults to learn what they've been missing - knot-tying, casting, fish identification and preparing the catch for the table. Visit this site for updates on class offerings, dates and locations.

Attend An Angler R3 Instructor Training Workshop

Seasoned anglers are invited to attend training workshops so that they can lead these classes, or mentor adults who may have missed the fishing boat as kids, lacking fishing skills. Instructors and mentors will be asked to complete a background check by completing DNR Form 4100-217 [PDF].

Like our classes and clinics, our workshops are currently on hiatus while we develop new formats to keep you informed, engaged and safe.