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Species guidance

Species guidance documents are peer-reviewed publications with comprehensive information for rare species tracked by the Natural Heritage Inventory or identified in the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). They contain identification, life history, management guidelines, screening guidance and avoidance measures and are intended for a wide variety of users, including resource managers, private landowners, contractors, students and the general public.

Many bird avoidance dates have changed. We are in the process of making these consistent across all documents, but for the most recent dates, please go to the bird calendar. The bird calendar contains required (Avoidance Period) and recommended (Conservation Period) dates for avoiding impacts on rare Wisconsin birds when planning management or development activities.

Visit the biodiversity pages for a complete listing of Wisconsin's rare species and natural communities and other information, including photos and related links for these species.

Publication number Species common name Last revised
PUB-ER-685 2013 Acadian Flycatcher [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-703 2013 Bell's Vireo [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-693 2013 Canada Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-677 2012 Cerulean Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-686 2013 Hooded Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-694 2013 Kentucky Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-687 2013 Kirtland's Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-679 2012 Northern Goshawk [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-688 2013 Prothonotary Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-702 2013 Red-headed Woodpecker [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-681 2012 Red-shouldered Hawk [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-704 2013 Short-eared Owl [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-696 2013 Spruce Grouse [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-689 2013 Worm-eating Warbler [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-695 2013 Yellow-throated Warbler [PDF] July 2017
Publication number Species common name Last revised
PUB-ER-707 2013 Big Brown Bat [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-706 2013 Eastern Pipistrelle [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-705 2013 Little Brown Bat [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-678 2012 Northern Flying Squirrel [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-700 2017 Northern Long-eared Bat [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-690 2013 Woodland Jumping Mouse [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-691 2013 Woodland Vole [PDF] July 2017
Reptiles & Amphibians
Publication number Species common name Last revised
PUB-ER-666 2016 Blanchard's Cricket Frog [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-683 2016 Blanding's Turtle [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-665 2016 Butler's Gartersnake [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-710 2016 Eastern Ribbonsnake [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-711 2016 Ornate Box Turtle [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-673 2016 Queensnake [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-682 2016 Slender Glass Lizard [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-712 2016 Western Ribbonsnake [PDF] July 2017
PUB-ER-684 2016 Wood Turtle [PDF] July 2017