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Boat Enforcement Patrol Grants

Boating in Wisconsin

This grant is issued to Wisconsin counties or municipalities that participate in boating enforcement efforts. Eligible agencies may receive law enforcement aids for up to 75% of their net costs.

Eligible applicants

  • A unit of government authorizing the patrol must contain at least one of the following within its jurisdiction:
  • a lake of at least 100 acres in size, determined by the current department lake survey; or,
  • at least one mile of river within the jurisdiction of the unit of government.

Application information

Read the Municipal Water Safety Patrol Manual (LE-318) [PDF] for details on how to apply.

Submit a Notice of Intent to Patrol (Form 8700-059) [PDF] on or before March 1 of the patrol year.

Submit the form to:

Boat Program Specialist, LE/8
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921

Annual due dates

Jan. 1 but no later than Jan. 31 One copy of the State Aid Application Package must be submitted to the Boat Program Specialist by this date.
January-March Participate in an audit of the State Aid Application.
March 1 Intent to Patrol (Form 8700-059) must be submitted to the Boating Program Specialist by this date.
December 1 Annual USCG report due to Boat Program Specialist by this date.
Every 2 Years A patrol representative must attend a water safety patrol biennial workshop, date to be scheduled and notice sent out by the Bureau of Law Enforcement. Attendance is limited to 2 participants per patrol. At least one attendee must be an active officer of the patrol.
10th of each month Submit Enforcement Patrol Monthly Report (Form 8700-90) for the previous month's activities to Recreation Warden.


Notice: Some web browsers do not open PDF files on their own. If you experience trouble opening or filling out a PDF form, visit the DNR PDF help for instructions on how to successfully open PDF files.

Type Date Form No. Form Name
Prior to Patrol   8700-059A Intent to Patrol[PDF]
Patrol Activities   8700-089 Enforcement Patrol Daily Log [PDF]
  8700-090 Enforcement Patrol Monthly Report [PDF]
  8700-330 USCG Annual Report [PDF]
Accident Forms   4100-020 Boat Operator Incident Report [PDF]
  4100-142 Boat Officer Report Form [PDF]
Audit Paperwork   8700-060B State Aid Application - Boat [PDF]
  8700-061A Salary Schedule [PDF]
  8700-062 Travel, Materials, and Supply Schedule [PDF]
  8700-063A Depreciation Schedule-Straight Line Method [PDF]
  8700-064 Record of Violations [PDF]

Contact information

For information on these grants, please contact your local recreation warden [PDF].