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Air Emissions

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    May Is National Clean Air Month

    May is Clean Air Month and there is much to celebrate at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), including the positive steps toward reducing air emissions and improving air quality across the state. And it's working. Recent studies show that 95% of Wisconsinites live in areas meeting all federal air quality standards.

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    Air Emissions Inventory Tutorials and Fundamentals

    The tutorials below cover many aspects of the air emissions inventory (EI) and the Air Reporting System (ARS) which is the web-based program used to report an EI or under-thresholds-notification (UTN), from obtaining reporting authorization to…

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    Reporting Schedule and Deadlines for 2020 Air Emissions Inventory

    The Air Reporting System (ARS) allows companies to report annual air emissions on the internet using web-based software. To report emissions or access facility data, visit the DNR Switchboard. Log into the Wisconsin Web Access Management System (…

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    Air Reporting System quality assurance messages

    Reporters can run quality assurance reports in ARS before or after submitting the annual emissions inventory (EI). The quality assurance messages are designed to be brief and informative.

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    Historical Air Emissions Information

    Use the information and resources on this page to:

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    Annual air pollution fee structures for non-Title V Sources required to have an air permit

    There are two levels of annual air pollution fees for businesses that are considered non-Title V sources. A non-Title V source is a business required to have an operation permit, but not a major source permit. There is a separate fee structure for…

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    Air emission inventory contacts

    Contact the DNR's Air Program for specific questions about emission inventory reporting and software. Facility-specific assistance For facility-specific questions, use the Air Permit Search tool. Each facility page in the tool lists a DNR contact…

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