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    Vernon County THAP

    Property name Legal description Size and cover type Maps T51 Township 12 North, Range 7 West, Section 4; Township 13 North, Range 7 West Section 33 This property consists of 271 acres of agricultural land and 268 acres…

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    New PBS Wisconsin Program Spotlights State Natural Areas And State Parks

    Tune in March 1 to explore Wisconsin’s beautiful public lands in the upcoming “Wisconsin’s Scenic Treasures: Southern Vistas” on PBS Wisconsin. The new program premieres on PBS Wisconsin 7 p.m. Monday, March 1. Encore broadcasts will air 7 p.m. March 10 and 14. The program will also air on Milwaukee PBS 8 p.m. Thursday, March 11.

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    LaCrosse County THAP

    Property name Legal description Size and cover type Maps T53 Township 18 North, Range 5 West, Section 2 57 acres. The property 100% is forested. Aerial View [PDF]

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    Richland County THAP

    Property name Legal description Size and cover type Maps T52 Township 9 North, Range 2 West, Section 5; Township 10 North, Range 2 West, Section 32. 470 acres. This property consists of 236 acres agricultural and 234 acres of forest…

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    Prescribed Burns Spark A Better Future For Rare Ecosystems

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) completed a record number of prescribed burns within state natural areas in the fall to maintain and care for some of Wisconsin’s rarest ecosystems and a site containing significant effigy mounds.

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    Concessions and Rentals

    Nature's Water Park Nature's Water Park offers kayak, canoe, paddleboard and tube rentals in season. This outfitter also offers guided trips of various sections of the Pine River ranging from a couple hours to a full-day excursion. For more…

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    DNR To Restore Wetlands In Mount Pleasant

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) have announced the start of a wetland restoration project in the Village of Mt. Pleasant. The project, located east of Meachem Road and Sanders Park, will restore 60 acres of wetlands to near pre-settlement conditions as part of a DNR grant program.

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    Submerged resources

    Wisconsin's submerged cultural resources, found along the bottoms and margins of the state's lakes and rivers, demonstrate the important role of navigable waterways throughout the state's history. These traces of the past include remnants of…

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    Historical structures

    Many historic structures, some over a hundred years old, are found on many DNR properties, and often relate to the historic development of the property itself. Many of them are still being used for their original purposes and maintain their original…

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