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    DNR Urges Public To Exercise Caution When On The Ice On Bay of Green Bay

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges the public to exercise caution while on the ice on the Bay of Green Bay to avoid becoming stranded on free-floating sheets of ice.

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    DNR Submits Central Sands Lakes Study Findings And Recommendations To State Legislature

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced the department has submitted the final Central Sands Lakes Study Report and recommendations to the Wisconsin Legislature advising a management framework to address impacted water resources across the Central Sands Region.

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    Aquatic and Wetland Invasives Species Monitoring

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring program is a collaboration of citizens, partners and the DNR to find, report, map and survey invasive species. The program is guided by species identified in NR…

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    Wisconsin Geographic Names Council

    The Wisconsin Geographic Names Council, consisting of members from the DNR and other government agencies, reviews proposals for naming geographical features in the state of Wisconsin.

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    Reporting Your Data

    The following tips will help you report your Clean Boats, Clean Waters data. Selecting a Landing If you are not sure which landing to choose, select a landing and click "Show Map" to see where it is located. If the landing you need is not listed…

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    DNR Releases Presentations On Methodology Behind Central Sands Lakes Study

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is in its final year of a three-year study examining lake level changes in Plainfield, Long and Pleasant lakes in Waushara County. 

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    Support Aquatic Invasive Species Research

    Your donation supports aquatic invasive species work at DNR and provides grants to scientists studying ways to improve invasive species prevention and control. Donate Now

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    Remote Sensing: Future Directions

    Future remote sensing research activities at the DNR will concentrate on an increase in Earth observation monitoring capabilities. These research activities include the optical and biogeochemical characterization of lakes across Wisconsin and the…

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    Satellite Monitoring (Secchi)

    Monitoring Objectives The monitoring objective is to assess lake water quality on approximately 8,000 lakes in Wisconsin by inferring water clarity from satellite imagery on an annual basis. This information is freely available to the public as…

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