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Laboratory Certification

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    Laboratory Certification Standards Review Council Quarterly Meeting

    This is a regular meeting of the Laboratory Certification Standards Review Council.

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    Latest Program Updates

    An update to administrative code, chapter NR 149, has been completed.  This update was published on March 1, 2021.  The effective date is June 29, 2021.   NR 149 - Register February 2021 update On March 19, 2021, Brandy Baker-Muhich provided a…

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    Wisconsin Lists of Accredited Laboratories

    Listed below are Excel file summaries of different types of laboratory accreditations. These files are current as of 3.21.2021 unless otherwise noted. When you click on these links, an excel file will automatically download to your computer All…

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    Resources and assistance for Laboratories

    Outreach is a critical component of the Laboratory Certification and Registration Program. We have compiled a list of forms, benchsheets, guidance documents, method references and training presentations to assist you in generating quality analytical…

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    Applications for Registration and Certification

    The Department of Natural Resources accredits laboratories to perform aqueous (non-potable water), solid, and drinking water (potable water) testing for many of the agency's environmental programs. Accreditation is available as a certified…

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    Laboratory certification & registration program

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Laboratory Certification Program was created in 1986 to help ensure that laboratories submit reliable and consistent data to the department's various environmental programs. The program currently…

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    Laboratory Certification Standards Review Council

    The Laboratory Certification Standards Review Council is created under s. 15.107 (12), Wis. Stats. and generally meets quarterly each calendar year.

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    PFAS certification

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is offering certification for PFAS in drinking water (potable water), aqueous (non-potable water), and solid matrices. Labs that currently hold WI DNR PFAS certification can be found here:  WI PFAS…

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    Troubleshooting BOD testingTroubleshooting poor precision (samples)

    What's causing bias? Contamination? Calibration?

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    Toxicity and BOD

    Sample toxicity in a nutshell Often referred to as "sliding" BODs BOD decreases as sample volume increases (i.e., less dilute) Occurs frequently in systems receiving industrial waste Amounts to killing off (or severe shock to) "the bugs"…

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