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Fish, Wildlife and Parks Public Input Opportunities

The Fish, Wildlife and Parks division welcomes public input on our vital state resources and programs.

The Wisconsin DNR creates and revises program guidance to consistently implement state laws and rules within our diverse natural resources programs.

DNR Program Guidance is formal written communication to DNR staff and the public that explains how the department’s programs will make decisions and carry out program activities when specific details are not included in the law. The department uses different formats to document guidance, including management plans, operational handbooks, manual codes, instructional pamphlets, and written directives from managers to staff. Guidance can include recommended actions or permit conditions under certain criteria, and may also clarify how the department’s legal authority is implemented.

In addition to the program guidance listed below, other guidance documents already in effect are found in other locations on our website. To locate these additional guidance listings please use the website search tool located in the upper right-hand corner above the navigation menu. You can search by the topic you are interested in or use our navigation menu to browse our website.

Share Your Thoughts on Program Guidance

Your ideas are important to us! Help guide and shape the future direction of Wisconsin’s natural resources management and conservation programs. We welcome your input on any of the guidance documents in the table below during the open public comment period. After reviewing the document, simply click the "Email Comments" link in the column for that document to provide your thoughts. If you have questions on either the input process or a document, feel free to reach out to the staff contact listed in the table below. We give all public comments equal consideration when finalizing documents.

Title Description Draft Guidance [PDF] Guidance Description Comment Deadline Staff Contact Summary of Public Comments Submit Comments Final Guidance [PDF] Date Finalized

Observation Tower

Potawatomi Tower Concept Report


Feb. 13, midnight

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ATV/UTV ATV and UTV Trail Guidelines

This guidance is intended to provide a consistent statewide framework.

Dec. 31, 2021

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Deadline Expired July 2022