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Staff directory

Environmental Loans Section

The Environmental Loans (EL) Section staff contact information is listed along with their areas of expertise. For information about a specific loan or project, contact your DNR Loan Project Manager.


Name Phone # Email Title
Jim Ritchie

608-215-6235 Community Financial Assistance Bureau Director
Matt Marcum

608-575-8825 Environmental Loans Section Manager
Becky Scott 608-513-9351 Environmental Loans Section Manager

Program coordinators

Name Phone # Email Loan Program
Lisa Bushby 608-358-3330 Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP)
Noah Balgooyen 608-720-0802 Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP)

Construction management engineers (CMEs)

View map showing the counties each CME serves.

Name Phone # Email Region
Dave Andruczyk 715-490-9072 Northern
Brent Binder 608-444-3196 Southeast
Charlie Cameron 715-491-3290 West Central
Bob Hannes 920-366-4208 Northeast
Tyler Zettl 608-235-3726 South Central

Loan project managers

Name Phone # Email Areas of Expertise
Ben Aerts 608-576-1650 loan processing
Ryan Atkinson 608-640-0510 CWFP & SDWLP Emerging Contaminants (EC) Programs, loan processing
Brian Boelkow 608-212-8234 loan processing
Sarah Bolitho 608-960-2927 storm water projects, Clean Watersheds Needs Survey, loan processing
Michelle Brietzman 608-490-0187 SDWLP environmental reviews (E/A/H), loan processing
Dave Calhoon 608-234-0845 CWFP Pilot Projects Program, equipment replacement fund, user charge system and sewer use ordinance, loan processing
Jeanne Cargill 608-436-6080 statutes and administrative codes, loan processing
Blythe Cassidy 608-640-0509 DOA liaison, loan processing
Liz Higgins 608-444-2451 SDWLP environmental reviews (E/A/H), federal reports, loan processing
Ashley Jimenez 608-212-7690 loan processing
Kim Leizinger 608-695-0875 project closeouts, requests for disbursement, interim financing, loan processing
Kate Leja-Brennan 608-852-1937 SDWLP Lead Service Line (LSL) Replacement Program, loan processing
Meja Maka 608-800-1964 loan processing
Erika Mills 608-212-1246 loan processing
Bryan Patek 608-212-8298 loan processing
Corey Pope 608-212-8928 loan processing
Dee Surillo 608-445-4352 SDWLP environmental reviews (E/A/H), DOT specialist, loan processing
Casey Sweeney 608-852-1576 disadvantaged business enterprise, environmental justice, federal liaison, loan processing

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Support staff

Name Phone # Email Title Areas of Expertise
Kay Christensen 608-220-7215 Outreach coordinator conferences, electronic newsletter, publications, web content editor
Suzy Hasheider 608-438-3055 Database manager online systems

Department of Administration (DOA) Capital Finance Office staff

Name & Email Phone # Title Areas of Expertise   Shared Email Account Emails sent to this address get answered by the first available person.
Andrea Ceron 608-267-0374 Capital Finance Officer annual loan monitoring, disbursements, loan repayments/collections, loan underwriting, project closeouts
Jessica Fandrich 608-267-2734 Capital Finance Officer annual loan monitoring, loan underwriting, project closeouts
Amy Johnson 608 266-0739 Capital Finance Officer annual loan monitoring, disbursements, loan repayments/collections, loan underwriting, project closeouts
Rachel Liegel 608-267-7399 Capital Finance Officer annual loan monitoring, disbursements, loan repayments/collections, loan underwriting, project closeouts
Katherine Miller 608-266-2305 Deputy Capital Finance Director  

Mailing address

Mailing address
Loan project managers, leadership, and support staff are located at DNR Central Office.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Loans Section-CF/2
101 S. Webster Street
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI  53707-7921

Disbursement requests

Disbursement requests
Email complete disbursement requests as PDFs to:
  • For each email message, the maximum file size limit is 10MB.
  • We do not accept stamped and electronic signatures as certification on the disbursement form.
    Note: For email submittals, we suggest you sign the paper form, scan it to a computer, save it as a PDF, then email the completed submittal to the email account.

Fax complete disbursement requests to: 608-267-0496

  • Our fax machine is shared between several programs and has limited capacity. Limit each fax to 25 pages or less.

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