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Operation and maintenance manual

If a municipality is receiving a loan from the Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP), it must submit for review an operation and maintenance (O&M) manual for its wastewater treatment facility and/or collection system. If the municipality already has an approved O&M manual, it can meet this requirement by submitting to DNR an addendum to the original manual.

The following topics must be addressed in the O&M manual:

  • general information;
  • staffing;
  • records and recordkeeping;
  • laboratory;
  • safety;
  • utility systems;
  • a description of the process, operations, and controls;
  • maintenance;
  • sludge management; and
  • manufacturer's information.

Send a copy of the O&M manual or addendum to the municipality's local DNR watershed/basin engineer. Submit a Wastewater Treatment Facility O&M Manual Certification Checklist Form 8700-311 and/or a Wastewater Collection System O&M Manual Certification Checklist Form 8700-310 to the DNR loan project manager.

The consulting engineer should complete the checklist; both the engineer and the municipality's authorized representative shall certify by signature that the O&M manual meets or exceeds the requirements of the department. The DNR loan project manager will review the O&M Manual Certification Checklist for completeness. An acceptance letter will not be returned to the community or engineer.

Contact information
For information on this topic, contact:
Lisa Bushby, CWFP Coordinator or DNR Construction Management Engineers (CMEs)

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Disclaimer of guidance: This document is intended solely as guidance and does not contain any mandatory requirements except where requirements found in statute or administrative rule are referenced. Any regulatory decisions made by the Department of Natural Resources in any matter addressed by this guidance will be made by applying the governing statutes and administrative rules to the relevant facts. Program implementation details are outlined in the governing administrative codes and statutes: §§ 281.58 and 281.59, Wis. Stat., and chs. NR 162, Wis. Adm. Code.