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Allowable Boat Launch Fees

Municipalities, lake management districts, and other access providers (entities that have a signed private provider agreement with the DNR) are allowed to charge reasonable launch fees under NR 1.91, Wis. Adm. Code [exit DNR].

Entities operating public boat launch facilities that charge launch fees in excess of $8 per day must have DNR approval prior to implementing the fee structure. To apply for launch fees greater than $8 per day, use the Public Boating Access Fee Schedule Application. The application form must be printed, completed by hand and mailed to the appropriate DNR regional office listed on the application.

Any launch fees collected shall be used only for the operation and maintenance of boat launching facilities.

Parking is included with launch fees. Segregated fees for parking are not allowed. For more information on the specific fees that are allowed to be implemented. please see:

DNR does not regulate launch fees collected by privately-owned facilities.

For more information on boat launch fees contact your regional waterways access coordinator.

Contact information
For information regarding access abandonment or allowable launch fees, contact your regional waterways access coordinator:
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