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Learn to Hunt Reimbursement Program

The Learn to Hunt Reimbursement Program helps sponsors of Learn to Hunt events cover the costs of their program, up to $25 per student.

Reimbursement requests for fall and spring Learn to Hunt events must be submitted by June 1.

Eligibility and Requirements

Sponsors may receive reimbursement for LTH students attending their event. Mentors or accompanying parents/adults of LTH students are not eligible to be counted for reimbursement.

To be eligible for reimbursement, Learn to Hunt programs must be offered for free or at a reasonable cost to participants. The sponsor of the Learn to Hunt must not charge fees in excess of the cost of educational materials, equipment, rentals, meals, or lodging.

Reimbursement for Learn to Hunt programs is at the discretion of the department.

How to Apply

After the approved Learn To Hunt event takes place, the host organization may request reimbursement. The required documents necessary to process the reimbursement are dependent upon which status below your organization falls under.

  1. For organizations that have completed a Learn To Hunt reimbursement request in the past and have not had a change of address, legal name or tax identification number (TIN) since the last reimbursement request:
  2. For organizations requesting a Learn to Hunt reimbursement for the first time OR that have had a change of address, legal name, or tax identification number (TIN) since the last reimbursement request:
    • Please call or email the LTH Coordinator (below) and identify which of the scenarios above your organization falls under. The LTH Coordinator will provide you with the necessary documents to be completed.

Because signatures are required, forms must be printed, filled out and signed, then sent to:

LTH Coordinator
101 S. Webster St.
Madison, WI 53707-7921


Please include 'LTH Reimbursement Request' in the subject line of all email requests.


For questions contact:
Quinn Erdmann
Hunting and Shooting Sports Assistant