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Anatomical Gifts

Under 2021 Wisconsin Act 220, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was directed to include a question on hunting, fishing and trapping license applications about whether the customer wishes to include their name as a donor of an anatomical gift. Under state law, Wisconsin residents (15 years of age and older or an emancipated minor) may now choose to include their name on the registry as an anatomical gift donor when they apply for hunting, fishing and trapping licenses.

This is not a requirement to apply for or purchase a hunting, fishing or trapping license.

How To Become An Anatomical Gift Donor

There are four ways you can elect to become an anatomical gift donor through the DNR:

  1. Online. During the online license application or purchase process, customers can elect to be added to the record of potential donors maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
  2. License Documents. Each license document will include a space for the customer to sign and indicate their wish to be a donor.
  3. Conservation Card. Each conservation card purchased after March 1st of the 2023 license year will include a space for the customer to sign and indicate their wish to be a donor.
  4. Donate Life Pocket Card. Customers may also print a separate, pocket-sized card from the department’s website to indicate their wish to be a donor.

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up to be a donor with DNR, now what?

Now that you’ve elected to become an anatomical gift donor through your hunting, fishing, or trapping license application or purchase, the DNR will transmit your new anatomical gift donor election to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to update their record of potential donors.

I did not sign up to be an anatomical gift donor at the time of purchase. Can I still sign up?

Yes, as stated above, you may sign any of your license documentation, conservation card, or a separate, pocket-sized card to indicate your intent to become an anatomical gift donor. During your next license application or purchase, you may select “Agree,” and your name will be added to the potential donor registry. You may also visit Donate Life Wisconsin to add your name to the registry.

How do I update my information or remove myself from the donor registry?

To update your information or remove yourself from the donor registry, please visit Organ & Tissue Donor Registry (

I’m not a Wisconsin resident, but I want to become a donor. How can I do this?

To become an anatomical gift donor outside the state of Wisconsin, please visit Donate Life America for more information.

How can I find out more information about the Wisconsin donor registry program?

For additional information on the program or the impact organ donation can make, please visit Donate Life Wisconsin or the Organ and Tissue Donation Program | Wisconsin Department of Health Services.