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Kiosks are set up as a self-service 24/7 option for dropping off your deer head with a hand-width length of the neck to be tested for CWD. A head can be brought to a kiosk up to five days after harvest if kept cool, longer if frozen. Some kiosks have freezers but not all. Antlers will need to be removed from bucks.

Individuals or organizations can sign-up and volunteer to sponsor a kiosk throughout the deer season, at a mutually agreed upon location with the DNR. Adopt-a-Kiosk (AAK) participants can choose to monitor a kiosk at the entry-level, intermediate level or advanced level, and participants can even volunteer to Construct-a-Kiosk to donate to the DNR.

AAK participants are responsible for all costs and guidelines associated with their level of involvement, but DNR provides all kiosk supplies and participants receive DNR recognition and a certificate of appreciation at the end of the season. The main goal of the AAK program is to work with volunteers to enhance CWD sample numbers, ease and options for hunters.

AAK locations are listed as sampling station options. Contact your local deer biologist, Eric Canania 608-341-9615 (southern district), Matt Esser 715-284-1417 (west-central district), or Curt Rollman 715-369-9399 (northern and northeast districts) if you are interested in participating.

CWD sampling kiosk
CWD sampling kiosk