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Individuals or organizations can sign-up and volunteer to sponsor a dumpster during the deer season, at a mutually agreed upon location with the DNR.

  • Adopt-a-Dumpster (AAD) participants can adopt the dumpster and are therefore responsible for all costs and guidelines associated with the dumpster. The length of time the dumpster is available would be determined by the participant and DNR.
  • Participants can also participate in a cost-sharing option. Participants would be responsible for the initial costs for the dumpster but would submit any invoices at the conclusion of the season for a reimbursement of 50% of the total invoices up to $500. Participants would be responsible for all guidelines associated with the dumpster.

The main goal of the AAD program is to provide hunters an option for appropriate deer carcass waste disposal, especially in areas where carcass disposal options are limited or not already available. The preference is for AAD locations to be on private land, however, options are available for individuals or groups to host locations on public land in consultation with the DNR. Contact your local deer biologist, Eric Canania 608-341-9615 (southern counties), Matt Esser 715-284-1417 (west-central counties), or Curt Rollman 715-369-9399 (northern and northeast counties) if you are interested in participating.

Deer carcass waste dumpster
Deer carcass waste dumpster