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Personalized Tree Planting Plan

This Wisconsin-based tree planting plan is meant to introduce landowners to the activities involved with planting tree seedlings. This plan, in conjunction with guidance from a forester, will prepare landowners for a successful tree planting project. After reviewing the information provided by this tool, contact your local forester for advice on site preparation, species recommendations, plantation maintenance, equipment needs and any other questions pertaining to tree planting.

Landowner Information
  • 1. Landowner's Name (Enter first and last name)
  • 2. Landowner Address (Enter current mailing address; street, box, city, state, zip)
  • 3. Landowner Telephone Number (Enter contact number)
  • 4. Landowner Email Address (optional)
  • 5. County Where Trees are to be Planted:
  • 6. Legal description of your planting site, i.e., Sec 27, T20N, R1E. This information may be found in your county plat book or Wisconsin Gazetteer. The legal description can be used later to obtain an aerial photo of your planting site.

    Select quarter-quarter section (1/4 1/4)
Landowner Objectives
  • 7. Landowner’s Primary (long term) Planting Objective:
    • 7a. Acres to Be Planted (1 acre is approx 209’ x 209’)
    • 7b. Plantation planting spacing (Spacing based on objective)
    • 7c. Windbreak rows desired (Spacing for windbreaks is normally 8’x10’)
    • 7d. Windbreak length (in feet)
    • 7e. Preferred Planting Method:
  • 8. Landowner's Secondary Planting Objective:
Tree Planting Site Information
(Used to determine species to plant and planting method.)
  • 9. Region Where Trees Will Be Planted:
  • 10. Soil Type/Moisture of Planting Site:
  • 11. Current Vegetation on Planting Site:
Landowner Capability
(Information to help a forester make recommendations for the landowner)
  • 12. Past Tree Planting Experience:
  • 13. Seedling Storage Available:
  • 14. Labor and Equipment Available::
  • 15. Funding the Project:
Click "Submit" to review your proposed planting plan. Try Multiple proposals to evaluate which options best meet your needs and interests.