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Step 7: Conducting the Harvest

MFL and FCL Harvesting

Approximate time to complete step #7: Three to 24 months.

The seventh step of the process is harvesting the timber. The landowner should consider the following items to ensure a successful timber harvest.

Monitoring and tracking

If a forester set up the timber harvest, they may offer to monitor the harvest for the landowner.

It is important to have some form of tracking in place. This information will not only benefit the landowner and allow him or her to follow progress during the harvest, but the information will also be needed in order to fill out the required cutting report.

Post-harvest activities

Once the harvest has been completed, important activities may be needed, including (but not limited to) seeding roads, trails and landings, planting trees, controlling invasive species, timber stand improvement (TSI), etc.


There are many ways a landowner can be paid for the timber harvested. Landowners should be sure to discuss how they will be paid before the harvest begins.

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