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Miscellaneous structures

Waterway protection

If a project involves placing a structure or any other materials on the bed of a public waterway (geothermal energy systems, innovative shoreline cleaning systems, fish habitat structures, etc.), the DNR requires a permit. 

Miscellaneous Structures


Exemptions and permits

  • There are no exemptions for miscellaneous structures.
  • Water Permits - choose the "Waterway and wetland" tab and then find activity "Miscellaneous structures."

If you can’t find a named activity on the list that matches your project, this means the DNR has not created a specific permit for that activity. If this is the case, you can apply for a Miscellaneous Structures Permit.

Please visit Water Permits to apply for permits.


Applicable statutes and codes include Section 30.12, Wis. Stats. [PDF exit DNR] and Chapter NR 329, Wis. Adm. Code [PDF exit DNR].

Local permits and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations may also apply. We advise you to contact your local zoning office and your regional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office [exit DNR].