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Natural Areas Preservation Council

The Natural Areas Preservation Council (NAPC) is the official advisory body for the DNR's State Natural Areas Program providing guidance on issues relating to the establishment, protection and management of State Natural Areas. In 1951, the Wisconsin legislature established the State Board for the Preservation of Scientific Areas (later renamed NAPC) with duties found in State Statutes Chapter 15.347(4) and Chapter 23.26..  The council is composed of 11 members with professional backgrounds in conservation biology, botany, zoology, ecology and geology. Members serve three-year terms and are listed below under their respective appointing institutions.

Council members

Councilors are appointed for 3-year terms by their respective appointing institutions.

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

Eric M. Anderson (Council Chair)
Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI

Marcia Bjornerud
Walter Schober Professor of Environmental Studies and Professor of Geology
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI

Alexandra Bohman
Forest Ecologist, Division of Biological Services
Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
Odanah, WI

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Drew Feldkirchner (Council Secretary)
Director, Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Madison, WI

Craig Thompson
Chief, Program Integration Section
Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
La Crosse, WI

Milwaukee Public Museum

Christopher Tyrell
Research Curator
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Kevin Anderson
Science Education Consultant
Department of Public Instruction
Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin System

Kenneth R. Bradbury
Director and State Geologist
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Madison, WI

[Three UW-System Vacancies]

Mission and core values
Meeting minutes

Council minutes are available upon request to the State Natural Areas Program