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Phillips-Medisize - St. Croix Meadows

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Phillips-Medisize Corporation is a world-class injection molder of plastics, metal ceramic and silicone. The Phillips-Medisize St. Croix Meadows facility in Hudson, Wisconsin is one of 13 Phillips facilities located in Wisconsin. This newly constructed facility (2019-2020) focuses on the manufacture of medical and commercial products and its environmental management system (EMS) functions under the corporate ISO 14001 certificate.

As all of Phillips-Medisize, St Croix Meadows has a deep sense of environmental stewardship and is very knowledgeable of its responsibilities. The employees there know that "doing the right thing" from an environmental perspective is a good business practice. They strive to align their environmental efforts with the organization’s customer’s expectations and encourage suppliers to focus on their own environmental efforts as well.


Environmental Activities

Phillips-Medisize St. Croix Meadows' current focus is on tracking, monitoring, and finding opportunities to reduce Landfill Waste and Hazardous Waste. This includes the facility's contributions to help ensure the corporate goals of reducing hazardous waste by 5% and reduce landfill waste by 5% by 2025. To accomplish these goals, it will focus on annual projects and activities that target these goals. For example, St. Croix Meadows facility has mirrored the same process of handling ultrasonic waste from other facilities to continue to mitigate hazardous waste totals. To help with energy conservation, it worked and continues to work with, Focus on Energy in Wisconsin to ensure the items it is putting into its facility are energy efficient. Its plastic scrap recycling initiatives create savings and reduce the total waste to landfills. These efforts in concert with employee collection, sorting and recycling procedures, have reduced non-renewable resources of solid waste through measurable processes of recycling.

In addition, an environmental review of all new projects coming into the facility and all new parts manufactured are performed. This review ensures that a regulatory review has been conducted to confirm proper handling of any hazardous waste, air, or water emissions that could be generated. This review also provides the identification of the proper plastics recycling stream for any scrap generated during this production process.

Going forward, Phillips-Medisize will continue to achieve superior performance through its continuous improvement processes. Its focus will remain on reducing its environmental footprint and on maintaining complete compliance with all applicable environmental standards. It will continue to challenge its employees to provide input and follow through with new ideas.


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DNR contact Company contact
Wale Adesanwo
800 Spruce St
Baldwin WI 54002-3264
715-684-2914 ext 137
Rod Peterson
EHS specialist
2202 Carmichael Rd
Hudson, WI, 54016
Phillips-Medisize Corporation
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