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Arandell Corporation

Tier 1 participant since 2/28/2018

Green Tier 5 year participant

Arandell Corporation is a high-end catalog printer located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Established in 1953, Arandell's single facility mails over a billion catalogs annually. Arandell first participated in Green Tier from 2007 through 2014. After a change in ownership and a renewed commitment to environmental performance, Arandell started participating again in 2018.

About the company

As a Green Tier participant, Arandell has identified the following environmental performance commitments:

  • reduce raw material consumption of paper by .3%- saving over 200,000 pounds of paper annually;
  • reduce paper waste by:
    • minimizing double handling of the paper rolls in receiving by 1%; and
    • doing fewer plate washes and changes – targeting 100,000 pounds of paper savings annually.
  • reduce ink waste by ensuring presses are well-aligned.

Arandell continues to engage in credible sustainable forest management certification programs to limit its environmental footprint. These certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Past environmental achievements include:

  • switching to 100% recycled paper which saved:
    • 536 tons of wood;
    • 1,698 billion BTUs of energy;
    • 1,456,101 gallons of water; and
    • 205,902 pounds of solid waste.
  • repairing unusable pallets rather than replacing them reduced the average cost of a pallet by 80%.


Annual reports

Commitment outline

Acceptance letter


DNR contact Company contact
Nicole Krueger
1027 W St Paul Ave
Milwaukee WI 53233-2641
Mike Gilmore
N82 W13118 Leon Rd
Menomonee Falls WI 53051-3328
262-255-4400 ext 243
Arandell Corporation