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Using the fishing season tables

Fishing Wisconsin

The season dates web pages are organized alphabetically by fish species.

This season dates web pages are provided for general orientation only. You must refer to a copy of the current fishing regulations to determine whether or not the water body on which you plan to fish is an exception to the dates listed in these tables for either general inland or boundary and outlying waters.

While these tables may be helpful in planning fishing trips, they are not meant as a substitute for the dates provided in a current copy of fishing regulations. Occasionally temporary or emergency rules are enacted which may change the dates for the fishing season for a species or water body. Be sure to be familiar with these revisions.

It is illegal to fish for a species during the closed season for that species; this includes catch and release fishing! Species not listed have no open season. It is also illegal to fish for a species with no open season.

Consult fishing regulations

For more fishing prohibitions and restrictions, including bag and minimum length limits, you must consult the fishing regulations.