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Adopt An Eagle Nest

There is nothing more breathtaking than the sight of an eagle soaring overhead or swooping down to catch its prey. Wisconsin is fortunate to have bald eagles, our American symbol, nesting in our state. At one time, eagles in Wisconsin were in danger of becoming extinct. Bald eagles have made a comeback thanks to the hard work of many citizens, natural resource professionals and organizations over the years, including DNR’s Natural Heritage Conservation Program. The annual Wisconsin Bald Eagle and Osprey Nest Survey show a healthy and growing population.

Help eagles thrive

You can help ensure that bald eagles are back to stay in Wisconsin for all future generations to see and enjoy. When you adopt an eagle nest, your contribution helps us:

  • conduct aerial surveys to locate nest sites;
  • rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned eagles;
  • analyze feather, egg and blood samples for contaminants;
  • work with landowners to protect and manage nest trees and winter roost sites; and
  • promote awareness of bald eagles.

What you will receive

We greatly appreciate your generosity, and to show that we'd like to send you the following gifts.

  • An adoption certificate with the name of your choice, certifying that you have adopted an eagle nest in the state of Wisconsin.
  • An aerial photo showing the location of your eagle nest.

Near the end of each calendar year, you will also receive the following additional gifts.

  • A full-color eagle calendar.
  • The results from the previous year's eagle and osprey surveys.

How to sign up

Please enclose a check made out to the "Endangered Resources Fund - Eagle Nests." The minimum contribution is $100. Please include the address of the recipient and the name and address of the donor (if they are different).

Send donations to:
Adopt an Eagle Nest Program
Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation
107 Sutliff Ave
Rhinelander, WI 54501