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Roth Feeder Pig II

Roth Feeder Pig II is a proposed swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) to be located in Crawford County. The proposed operation submitted a final application for coverage under a water quality protection permit for CAFOs issued by the DNR known as a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit. CAFO WPDES permits are water quality protection permits designed to ensure proper storage and handling of manure from larger-scale livestock operations. The WPDES permit program does not have authority to address odor, noise, traffic or other issues not related to water quality.


The department has reached a final determination to issue permit coverage to Roth Feeder Pig II. See Permit Application and Related Documents table for final permit documents.

Final Application

The final application contains the operation’s proposed design plans and manure application practices. The operation would house approximately 960 gilts under 55lb, 2,008 gilts over 55lb, 5,144 sows and 48 boars. This would be equivalent to 2,980.8 mixed animal units. The operation anticipates 9,427,053 gallons of liquid manure to be generated annually and 1,295 acres to be available for manure application.

Structures at the site would include three barns, a composting building and an equipment shed. A gestation barn and gilt development unit barn will have underbarn concrete manure storage facilities while a farrowing barn would have a concrete manure collection tank with a transfer system directing manure to the gestation barn.

WPDES Permit Application and Related Documents

Documents received by the department as of July 2020

Document Type Description Contact

WPDES Permit Application

WPDES permit application forms and general operation information including:

  • Forms 3400-25 & 25A
  • Environmental Review Questionnaire
  • Site Maps

Tyler Dix

Design Plans

Design plans for manure storage and other structures.

Bernie Michaud

Nutrient Management Plan

Nutrient management plans, including:

  • 180-day storage calculations
  • Facility narrative
  • Field maps

Aaron O’Rourke

Final Permit Documents

Final permit documents including:

Tyler Dix

Additional information