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Air Quality Monitor Sites In Wisconsin

The DNR operates a network of air monitors around Wisconsin which provides access to air quality information, support for plans to improve air quality and compliance with federal standards. This map focuses on EPA's list of the most serious health-related air pollutants: ozone, particle pollution, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. There are other monitors around the state that measure mercury and other toxic compounds.

All of the monitors in Wisconsin use federally approved methods for measuring air quality. Some of these monitors operate continuously, allowing the DNR to quickly inform the public when air pollution reaches unhealthy levels. Other monitors use "filter-based" methods for measuring air quality, which require laboratory analysis. For example, fine particles (PM2.5) can be monitored continuously for forecasting purposes and with filter-based methodology to determine compliance with federal standards.

Federal grants fund the majority of the DNR air monitoring network. The monitoring network is reviewed annually, through a network plan requirement that encourages public participation, to ensure adequate coverage across the state in accordance with federal regulations.

Interactive map

To view information on a site, click on the pinpoints. You may need to zoom in on the map to differentiate between pinpoints. Each pinpoint contains an "AIRS ID," which is a unique nine-digit number assigned to each monitoring site in the country.


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