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Reporting Schedule and Deadlines for 2020 Air Emissions Inventory

The Air Reporting System (ARS) allows companies to report annual air emissions on the internet using web-based software. To report emissions or access facility data, visit the DNR Switchboard. Log into the Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS), request access to the ARS or register for a WAMS ID.

Schedule and Deadlines

Date Benchmark
Jan. 8, 2021 Reporting window for the 2020 air emissions inventory (EI) or Under-Thresholds-Notification (UTN) opens.
March 1, 2021 EIs or UTNs are due
April 1, 2021 DNR begins to send delinquency emails to facilities that are required to submit an EI or UTN and have not.
By May 31, 2021 Environmental Fee Statements emailed to companies or mailed if no email address is available.
June 30, 2021 Air emissions inventory certifications are due.

Quality Assurance Report

A reporter can run a quality assurance report that identifies possible data entry errors. We suggest reporters run a draft summary and a quality assurance report before submitting data. If the reporter submits the data and then finds an error, please call DNR to reset ARS. Learn more about quality assurance messages.