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Deer Hunt 2021

Anyone who has ever experienced Wisconsin's famed gun deer season knows it's a tradition bigger than any buck. The ultimate excuse to unplug from distraction and reconnect with family and friends. Get ready once again to decorate our rural Wisconsin landscape with blaze orange. Here you'll find everything you need for a safe and successful experience before, during and after the hunt.

Buy a deer hunting license

Before the Hunt

  • Explore our public land directory. Find your perfect place to hunt in the seven million acres of beautiful Wisconsin land.
  • Get permission to hunt. Contact private landowners to confirm you have permission before accessing a property.
  • Know your antlerless deer harvest authorizations. Antlerless harvest authorizations are specific to land type and deer management unit. Plan in advance or check on authorization availability to purchase antlerless authorizations for your hunting location. 
  • Learn more about Chronic Wasting Disease. Have a plan in place to get your deer tested and how you plan to dispose of the carcass. Get the information you need on Chronic Wasting Disease.
  • Sight in your firearm and practice. Increase your long-range accuracy early on so you can hit your mark when it matters most.
  • Download the Hunt Wild Wisconsin app. Find tailored maps, regulations and information along with the ability to purchase a license from your phone on the Hunt Wild Wisconsin app.

During the Hunt

  • Confirm hunting hours and regulations. Safely squeeze the most out of your hunting experience by knowing how to stay legal in the field.
  • Practice firearm safety. Follow the basic rules by treating every firearm as if it is loaded, always pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, being certain of your target and what’s beyond it and keeping your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines. Try keeping at least six feet apart from others and refrain from gathering in large groups. You can also keep an eye out for updates on COVID-19 during the gun deer season.
  • Track harvest counts. Watch Wisconsin's harvest count for near-real-time updates and join us in celebrating the harvest of thousands of deer hunters throughout the state.
  • Take in the experience. Make sure you remember the special moments that are packed into the nine days we call gun deer season.


  • Register your deer. Validate your accomplishment by registering your deer by 5 p.m. the day after harvest by phone at 1-844-426-3734 or online via the GameReg Harvest Report. This is required for all hunters.
  • Properly dispose of deer carcasses. Be a responsible hunter by properly disposing the carcass in a nearby disposal site that accepts deer carcasses or in a dumpster designed for deer carcass waste.
  • Get your deer tested. We recommend getting your deer tested for Chronic Wasting Disease. If it comes back positive, do not consume it.
  • Share the harvest with families in need. Consider donating your harvest to community members in need if you find your freezer is already full.
  • Celebrate your first deer. Commemorate the first of many memorable moments of hunting. Request a free First Harvest or First Experience certificate.

From all of us at Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources, we thank you for your participation in this year's hunt as well as contributing to the conservation of our state's remarkable landscape by making a gun deer license purchase.

Explore our deer resource page for information on other deer hunting opportunities or browse our 2021 deer hunting FAQ for rules, updates and details around dates for hunters with disabilities, muzzle loading and antlerless-only gun holiday hunts.