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Frequently asked questions

What does Go Wild mean for me?

Starting in March 2016, the Go Wild licensing system will be available at more than 1,000 vendors statewide and will offer improved access though mobile devices at GoWild.Wi.Gov. The system will store your information online. Customers can purchase an optional conservation card, eliminating the need to carry the old thermal paper licenses. No fee increases are planned as part of the upgrade.

The GoWild.Wi.Gov website will serve as a portal to help plan adventures and make the most of Wisconsin’s great outdoors. License options will include hunting licenses, fishing licenses, conservation patron licenses and boat, ATV and UTV registration renewals.

What do I carry with me as proof of my license?

Every completed transaction will provide a printable output. Customers will receive a sales receipt, license document, tags or harvest authorizations and operating passes in a printable format whether purchasing online or at one of more than 1,000 partnering vendors. Additionally, Go Wild provides other options for most licenses.

Check the website or your regulations pamphlets to find out where you can use an optional conservation card or display permissions on your cell phone. The system also will allow you to use your Wisconsin driver’s license, if authenticated within the Go Wild system. While in the past customers purchased licenses and permits and were provided with thermal paper documentation, with the Go Wild system, these permissions are stored electronically and can be accessed in many convenient ways.

What do I show the warden if I‘m asked for my fishing license?

No matter where you are, you will be safe with the paper documents. Check the website or your regulations pamphlets to find the many ways that the alternative methods of proof can be used. These alternatives include the conservation card, a Wisconsin issued driver’s license and the electronic display from your mobile device.

What about the stamps for duck, pheasant and trout?

The old system printed these permissions on thermal paper and customers could request the physical stamp. The new system will store the stamp information electronically and customers will still have the option of requesting a physical stamp. Proof that you hold the proper stamp is similar to licenses – check the website or your regulations pamphlets to find out what display options are available to you. Note: You must carry a hard copy of a federal duck stamp.

What about back tags for deer and bear season?

Effective March 3, 2016, state law no longer requires hunters to display back tags while hunting deer or bear.

What about youth hunters who don't have a driver's license?

One of the best new features of Go Wild is flexibility. Youth and nonresidents have the option to purchase a conservation card to use as card documentation since the Wisconsin driver’s license is not an option. Other options include using the display from a mobile device or using the printable documents provided through all sales channels.

Will you have your hunter education identification on your card?

Yes! All hunter safety certificates will be accessible via the conservation card and authenticated Wisconsin driver’s license and also will be printed on your license documents. Customers will have the option to print a single certificate "card" from their account at any time.

How do I validate my harvest, what do I punch without a harvest tag?

When you purchase your license, either at a vendor or at home, you will receive a printed paper copy of your harvest permits or authorizations, such as spring turkey or deer. Each tag (bear, sharp-tailed grouse and sturgeon) will include instructions and a "validation stub" that must be removed to validate the tag. However, deer and turkey tags/authorizations no longer need to be validated or attached to the harvest, and a conservation card, authenticated WI driver’s license or digital file displayed on a mobile device are acceptable forms of deer tags and turkey harvest authorizations.

How do I register a harvest if I am not carrying a paper tag or harvest authorization?

Paper tags or authorizations contain a unique tag authorization number that is required to start the registration process. You can also find a list of your tag authorization numbers in the GameReg section of your Go Wild account.

Where do I put my federal duck stamp if I have nothing to affix it to?

As long as you sign the federal duck stamp and have it with you, as required, you will be fine. You can affix the stamp to the paper license document if you wish.

Will all states be doing this so another state will know my license and history?

Hunting regulations and licenses are established at the state level so you would still need to buy a separate license in others states and follow those procedures. Some states already have electronic license sales and access while others do not.

Will this new system result in more expensive licenses?

There are no fee increases planned as part of the new system.

What if I don't hunt or fish?

GoWild.Wi.Gov is the gateway to outdoor recreation in Wisconsin. The website includes access to information on camping, details on outdoor activities, information on state parks and links to land maps, to name a few. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Wisconsin and Go Wild is here to help you find the activity that is best suited for you!

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